Chapter 19

Edwards pov :

When gave the order, The room became silent , My mother on the order hand have fainted twice and woke up again .

Without wasting much time in the court room, I Quickly stood up and left , Just then my sister walked up to me

" Nice one bro ,I really didn't think my brother will be getting married so soon "

" Tracy I hope you know listening into people conversation is a not good


" I wasn't listening to your conversation, I got the information from the right sources come on Edward your mother had just passed out and woke up again that's not fair Edward you should consider your mother's feels here "

" Get out of my face, If you don't have something important to say "

I was about to walk out on her when my mother came calling .

" Edward ,!! Edward why ,why would you do this to me Edward. Do you know what you have done "

" If not for one thing I would have asked my men to flog senses into your head "

" Edward you shouldn't speak to your mother like
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