Chapter 29

Valerie pov :

Immediately that lady stepped into the dinning room ,I felt something strange but I tried to wave it off ,I continued with my food but my ears were listening to there conversation then When he asked her to wait at the waiting chambers my heart felt heavy .

" Why did he ask her to wait for him at the waiting chambers ? Why didn't he ask her to leave ? "

I kept asking myself does questions but at a point I came back to my senses . When he walked out of the dinning room to go meet lady Alice ,I really don't know what it was but I felt jealous , My heartbeat was increasing with ever step he took away from me ,I quietly placed my hand on my chest to stop my heart from exploding , When he left the dinning room I was lost in thoughts I felt like running after him

"Wait why am I having such feeling ,I ever liked him so what's happening to me why ?

I Quickly got up from the table and ran out of the dinning room ,I was walking through the hallway when my eyes caught a
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