Chapter 45

Valerie pov .

I really don't understand him one minute his happy with me, The next minute his staring dagger at me what is really going on with him .

I got into my bed and slept for a while, then I got up and decided to go have My breakfast . When I got to the dinning hall I saw lady Alice and sir owen seated already having breakfast ,I walked in and sat far way from them .

" Its seems lady valerie had a wonderful night , Is that why she decided to wake up late? "

I raised my head to look at Lady Alice , Why is this woman always trying to spoil my day ,I ignored her and continued eating. Just then sir owen decided to say something .

" Lady Alice it would be best for us to eat in peace and besides lady Valerie look beautiful this morning "

" Thank you sir owen "

I continued to eat my food not wanting to look at Edward because I could feel him staring at me .

" Lady valerie we are going for a party this evening at Duke Raymond's mansion I was thinking if you would
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