Chapter 52

Edward pov .

" How You dare walk out on me while I was still having a conversation with you, how dare you "

" Am sorry your majesty, Please forgive me "

" I don't think that word exist in my dictionary ,I can't forgive you , Raymond you have proven yourself to be a monster so I think the best thing is to threat you like one don't you think so "

" No your majesty ,I don't know what you are talking about , Please forgive me ,I only wanted my wife and I to settle things in private "

" I see you even went ahead to call me a stranger ,tell me do I look like a stranger to you ?"

" Am sorry "

I called out to samuel .

" Samuel "

" Yes your majesty "

" Be kind enough to drag this man ,closer to me. I think my leg hurts I can't stand up to do it "

" Sure your majesty "

Samuel held Raymond wounded leg and dragged him to where I was seated ,he continued screaming in pain .

" Come on Raymond I thought you are a man , You shouldn't scream like a woman you know and b
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