Episode 59


“Running away from me won’t cut it this time, Anabelle,” Damien said as his hands slowly leave the tip of the bed causing her to look a bit relieved.

“What’s going on father? What are you doing here?” She asked him confused as hell, staring back at her father and Damien simultaneously, waiting for a response.

“Belle, I’ll explain everything to you, just relax and let the maids serve you something to eat,” he said calmly to her while she glared at him.

“Explain later, does it look like I’m hungry for any meal right now. The only explanation is what is going on here and what the heck are you doing with this. This disgusting man,” she yelled at the top of his voice, causing him to pause with what he was doing and turned to stare at her.

“Fine, I’ll explain to you,” he responded gesturing for her to seat, which she did sluggishly.

“Excuse me? Is he going to be here while we talk? If so forget about it,” she looked at Damien in disgust causing him to mentally screamed before
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