Book 2 -33-

[Troubles II]


“Calm down, Sebastian,” Sierra grumbled, and slid her luggage into the back seat. I shot her a look of anger tinged with surprise, which she ignored and climbed in beside me. She tightened her seat belt and gave me the “I thought you were in a hurry” look before averting her gaze out the window.

The car roared to life, bathing us in the cold air conditioning. I slammed my foot down on the gas pedal, flooring it to the ground as I sped off towards the highway to my pack. There was this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I swerved in and out of lanes, honked at the crawling drivers ahead of me to move it along, and fought off drivers trying to pass me.


Before long, the roof of the packhouse came into view, and the lump in my throat climbed higher. A quick glance down at my white knuckles on the steering wheel told me I was gripping it hard enough to match the pressure in my gut.

Sierra also noticed. She squeezed her left hand into my right, mee
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