Chapter 15

I blushed with all the added attention while Luke beamed with pride. When I finally recovered, I asked, “So who is she?” Luke shrugged, “Just a werebear who wants the title of princess. I could care less about what she wants. The only person who matters to me is you.” I sighed, “It doesn’t help that you are easy on the eyes too.” He cocked his head to the side with a smirk, “Oh really?” I nod, “Yep. I’d do you.” That comment made Rachel and Cody nearly choke on their pizza. Once they swallowed their food, they laughed uncontrollably with Luke.

When things settled down, Rachel chuckled, “That was so unexpected from you, Sylvie. Up until this moment, you seemed so quiet and reserved. We didn’t realize that you had this side to you.” I laughed, “Oh, you’ll see, I have many sides. Don’t I?” He nodded his head and chuckled, “Oh yeah. Why don’t you guys come out tomorrow for a barbecue?” Cody looked at Rachel, “What do you think, babe?” Rachel smiled, “We have no plans. We’ll be there.” I s

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muy interesante, no puedo dejar de leer, congratulations to the autor .........

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