I haven’t seen Freya in two whole days.

It was like she had deleted herself off the surface of the earth.

She was mad for some unknown reason the last time we had spoken, walking out on me.

Now, she was clearly trying to avoid me. I just know it.

It’s typical for a girl to want to be chased, so I guess this is what it is.

It makes them feel special and valued, I suppose. The key to a girl’s heart was basically partaking in the chase and sweeping her off her feet.

Yet, I did all that and now, she was in hiding.

I give it two more days at least before she realizes just how much she misses my attention. And comes crawling out of whatever hole she’s hiding in.

It has always worked this way.

As soon as the school bell rings, I’m standing right in front of the Nature Chemistry lab and looking down at my wristwatch.

The bell rings just in time. It would take approximately 2 minutes for her to finish up on her project, gather her
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