I wait just after the emptied bowl for the most recent meal is taken away.

Immediately after the guard on duty leaves the room and shuts the door behind him and it buzzes, clicking shut.

I wait a few more seconds before I pull out the fork under my sheet.

At some point, I figured out they gave utensils randomly. You could be given a spoon or fork with your oat porridge, irrespective of if it got the job done or not.

I had waited patiently till I had gotten a fork with sturdy edges and for all my bruises to heal to a considerable amount, where they don’t hurt much — all to execute my plan.

Once I’m sure he’s gone, I quickly begin putting things into action.

First off, pushing my bed frame till it’s just under the vent, high up on the wall.

I stop where I need to, grabbing the chair and settling it on the bed. I had to do this all before the guard returns, and hears suspicious movement

Once I’m sure that it's somewhat carefully balanced, I begin climbing to freedom. At th
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goodnovel comment avatar
Natasha Nelson-Garcia
I think Lucas may have pity on her
goodnovel comment avatar
I had high hopes she would make it out. Now I don't know what to think. maybe Lucas will let her out after this beating
goodnovel comment avatar
Ana Sousa
Well that is awful. Poor freya. Not sure how she is going to get out of this Silas has to figure out something is up with Lucas

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