“So, how has school been?” Mother asks just after placing my own dish.

I look from her to father, who for now focuses on eating alone.

I’m tempted to bring up Freya's case immediately, but it’s the wrong time. My aim right now is to avoid as much conflict as possible while she’s still in the room.

It’s something that we need to talk about in private.

“It’s been fine. The school's on a short break that will be over in a week.” I give a simple response.

She smiles, nodding and taking a bite from her chicken.

“Is that all you have to say? Just fine?” Father enters now, turning to me.

“I believe from my experience, being the person the question is focused on, that it’s been fine and uneventful.”

“Really? What about the sudden transfer you made into the program for struggling students just when the semester is in it's final quarter?”

I freeze now, hearing his words.

Mother pauses just like I do, her eyes growing wide. She stares at her husband in disbelief.

“What?” Then her eyes look at m
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