My eyes remain wide awake even when the sun slowly rises and nature’s light begins filling the room.

Not even a wink of sleep visits me… I wonder why.

I should be able to fall asleep, being on such a comfy bed far far away from that torture chamber. I had slept right next to Silas… yet I was unable to rest for a single moment.

Now that it's morning, I feel even more exhausted than ever. Sadly, it’s just me that feels that way.

Xena’s already up, bright and early, humming very loudly after she came back from having a bath and getting dressed.

I groan in frustration, clogging my ears with the pillow.

Now that my eyes are feeling heavy… if I could just fit in a moment's rest.

“Are you awake?” She pops up right next to me suddenly.

I jump up in fright, tumbling to the ground with my butt first from the intrusion I wasn't expecting.

Now, my butt is sore and I feel a slight headache coming on.

Well, there goes my sleep.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you up?” She asks, looking more guilty than
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh oh…Adam is so into her.
goodnovel comment avatar
Danielle Ditzenberger
I thought it was pretty clear that her and Silas were mates, the way they are attracted to each other and the way they can smell each other's makes me think that its Silas ans NOT Adam. Silas and Freya are made for each other!!!! I'm team Silas not team Adam!
goodnovel comment avatar
Stardust Wendy
Haha, I guess we'll find out eventually.

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