“What the hell Adam!” Xena yells once she successfully rests her butt on the back seat again.

The sudden halt had thrown the both of us forward, crashing into the seats right in front of us.

I rest back, rubbing on my sore neck that had been twisted painfully from the collision my head had made.

“Ouch.” I say, rubbing the top of my head as well

“Sorry, guys. Something suddenly… jumped into the road. I had to hit the break.”

I sit up, peeping forward from my side window and seeing nothing but an open road ahead of us.

“I don’t see anything though.” I say.

“Yeah, it jumped out as fast as it had jumped in.” He explains.

“I’m definitely driving on our way back.” Xena says, leaning and huffing again.

Adam doesn’t protest and gives in quite easily to Xena’s request.

The journey continues without a hitch just like that.

“Back to what we were saying.” Xena resumes once again, excitedly turning to me.

I had hoped she had forgotten the awkward conversation she had brought up. To my dismay, she
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