The rest of the day goes smoothly, and I finally let myself relax and expose myself to the therapy of shopping.

I must admit… it actually does work.

The week that follows rolls by, quicker than I want, but I don’t hate it too much.

A part of me desperately wants to fall into some kind of routine that can keep my mind active.

I mostly sleep and lay in bed, staring at my phone.

Not once did Silas call or text, but I assume he’s too busy with work… I mean, he did say he had lots of things to do.

I assume closing the investigation concerning my whereabouts would take some time.

Plus, I also wasn’t ready. So, it went on like that till the first day of school resumption.

First day of school…


If only I could feel as excited as I was on the very first day I set foot on school premises…

But no, I’m terrified and anxious.

Somewhere along the lines of being kidnapped and tortured my crush’s father, aided by my best friend’s ‘on and off’ boyfriend, I lost my social skills and the joys o
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