I stand there, perplexed for more than a few seconds even till the hallway becomes empty again, and I’m the only person standing there like a daft idiot.

No way…

Maybe I had been wrong.

I had seen the wrong person.

Maybe it wasn’t Silas.

But those cold silver eyes are impossible to confuse with anyone else’s, and I know for a fact that it’s him — my wolf does as well.

I felt it; my entire being recognized my Silas.

Then maybe, he hadn’t really seen me…

That’s right.

He hadn’t seen me, and the glint of recognition in his eyes was a trick of the light. Because I’m anemic and exhausted, I’m seeing things, confusing things that aren’t real.

It makes more sense that way.

It makes more sense that he hadn’t really seen me than the narrative that he had just walked by… like I was nothing.

Yeah, Silas wouldn’t do that.

I know this, yet my eyes sting and while I suddenly begin hyperventilating, my vision grows blurry and wetness pools of them.

Fuck these darn tears…

Why are y
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm so pissed off at Silas right now even though I knew he was going to do that. He should grow a pair. How much longer until Freya is 18? They both need to realize they are fated mates already and either get together or reject each other.
goodnovel comment avatar
Mariana Brown
He should have told her what he had to do instead of just ignoring her and hurting her like that! It’s way worse this way. He was a coward for not telling her

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