My entire body grows tense in just seconds, followed by the need to throw up.

I swallow down the acidic bile in my throat and shake off the stiffness in my body, forcing air into my clogged lungs.

There has to be some kind of explanation.

I take a few more steps towards his table. He definitely saw me… so why does he keep looking away?

Elena finally notices me drawing closer and a sinister smirk graces her lips all too quickly. The glint in her eyes bears too much resemblance to King Darius.

She rises quickly, stepping out to ‘greet me?’ I don’t know, but I’m in no mood to entertain her right now, so my eyes remain focused on Silas.

She stands in my way just as I arrived at my destination; right infront of the table they’re sitting at. Her hands resting on her hips as she smirks down at me.

She wants to provoke me ofcourse, but I ignore her, tilting my head to the side to look at him, yet she blocks my way.

I tilt the other way but she does the same, purposely stopping m
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goodnovel comment avatar
I totally agree with what you said
goodnovel comment avatar
Adam shows more care for her then Silas…Silas is a weak Alpha if he loves Freya that much fight his father to be with her. I mean he seems all tough when he wants to beat up on his friends. He gives in so easily to his fathers demands.

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