I don’t stop walking until I’m right at the entrance of the class room and let go of Adam’s hand to drop on my usual seat.

“Hey… You sure you’re okay?” He asks again, approaching my desk.

I look up at him, forcing a smile, though my heart is pounding so fast and stinging like a burn.

He finally nods before walking over to his own desk and chair. Luckily, he takes the one right next to me which fills me with a bit of comfort.

I need the emotional support, especially since Silas would be attending this very same class and with Elena by his side.

Memories of the first class we had ever had comes rushing in. How he blatantly let her be all over him and looked at me with this demeaning look in his eyes, as though he would be okay with me joining in on their fuck fest.

Would I be forced to endure all that today as well? Would he let her be all over him, especially knowing the history we’ve had?

Silas wouldn’t be that cruel.

I mean, this whole thing still seems so pre-rehearsed
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This will be interesting…
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Stardust Wendy
Trust me, when everything else falls into place, you’d definitely love it.
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Stardust Wendy
Hi! At the moment, we’re at a point that we need to be. Everything else has it’s time. I can’t hasten up certain things because it would ruin everything else. I hope you understand that.

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