More than a few hours, and possibly a whole day have gone by since I gained consciousness, and I still can’t feel Silas.

My wolf grows even more panicked as I feel bare and stripped for some reason.

It’s weird how I’ve lived without it for years but days after receiving the bond and strengthening it, it almost feels like I just can’t live without it.

The silence and white walls around aren’t helping at all.

“Hey guys, wanna play a game to pass time?” Lucas yells out so I can hear what he’s saying.

“Really, even now, you want to be goofy?” Xena admonishes him, probably with her eyes.

“What? There’s nothing else to do.” He points out and he’s not wrong at all.

But it won’t be easy focusing my mind on being calm… not when Silas is missing.

“How long do you think it’s going to take before King Darius holds the mating ceremony?” I ask out loud, not really expecting an answer.

“He’s going to want to get things sooner, so maybe we’re looking at five days, if not sooner.” Lucas
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Did Silas marking her made her into an Alpha????? Oooooh so exciting!!!

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