It took what feels like an extra day since Father’s visit before I’m finally let out of my cell to change into a tux, of course for the dinner that’s scheduled tonight.

My full strength hasn’t returned, so I don’t bother escaping and searching for Freya. I need to wait for the perfect time, when my strength is at its peak again.

Once I’m dressed in the suit, however, two metal cuffs linked together by chains and most definitely laced with silver are clasped onto both my arms, restricting my movement.

“Alpha’s orders; so you don’t go wolfing out when we least expect It.” The guard explains, tossing the key into his pocket.

My old man had really considered everything. Keeping me in chains during said dinner to also to show the in-laws that he has me under his thumb this time and I won’t pull any funny business again.


Once secured, I’m escorted into a limo just outside, waiting to take me back home and farther from the place he has Freya locked up.

I’m skeptical
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