I turn to Father, staring at him in disbelief but he doesn’t bother looking my way, probably because he doesn’t believe I deserve an explanation.

“Oh… you didn’t know?” Elena says, focusing on me. “This family heirloom you see here is a magic artifact that was stolen by your great grandmother from a small group of wizards and used against them to force their submission.”She explains, dangling it right in my face.

“You knew this?” I ask him again but he doesn’t bother looking my way.

“She took the artifact from the magic users because they were abusing the power and using it to terrorize the people. Taking it was for our protection.” He explains instead.

“Liars!” Elena yells out suddenly loud but her voice is different from before.

It sounds merged with a male’s deeper voice, echoing her words immediately she says them.

“You took the power for yourselves and used it selfishly.” She adds as her purple eyes begin glowing.

I’m caught between thinking this is just an
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