No matter how hard I try to focus on it I can’t seem to connect with Silas anymore adding more to my currently panicking state.

I can’t help but think the worse especially with how bad he had sounded before I wasn’t able to hear him again.

He’s definitely not safe or okay… I can feel it in the pit of my gut.

Something extremely vile is going on.

And he expects me to just abandon it all and leave?

No fucking way I’m not.

I walk up ahead towards the exit seeing a few unconscious bodies in my way as I walk by before I’m just by the doors to freedom where the other three are casually waiting from me.

Xena stands up abruptly moving over to me.

“How was it? Were you able to link with him?” She asks expectantly and all their eyes look up to me as well, expecting some form of news

Good news.

I suck in my trembling breathe before I can speak.

“Elena’s gone crazy and started some kind of usurp. Silas and his parents are currently captured… and the wizard I was talking about… someho
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Yes, Freya! Tell him straight up!

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