Luckily for me he actually shuts up unable to come up with anything else once it’s clear that I’m not going to budge at all.

I take both his hands and with enough force smash against the chains with the same stone, continuously; hard with my stored up anger with whatever messed up fate I was born with.

Like I don’t even get to rest for a week, or month before something major is pulled over me.

Eventually it begins to crack under the pressure and finally breaks apart giving both his arm freedom.

Instead of standing up, however, he falls back against the wall groaning in much more pain and clutching at his chest.

“Silas!” I reach for him pulling him up again.

“Freya… you should know, they gave me another toxic dose of wolfsband before locking me up. I can barely move or get us out of here. This is your last chance to get out of here and save yourself.” He says in a strained voice breaking out in cold sweat.

“No way… you’re coming with me one way or another.” I say trying ha
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