I’m floating on the softest cloud ever, hovering over everyone else down below.

I don’t want it is but there’s no sense of pain or strife within me… only peace.

I’m finally at peace with every conflicting thought I’ve ever had about myself and everything around me, my friends… my new family.

I regret nothing, and even if I could go back in time, I’d change nothing.

It as though I’ve been reborn into my new self with a new dawn and beginning staring back at me.

I don’t remember what kind of dream I have when my eyes finally open from this deep slumber but it leaves a sense of complete fulfillment and happiness.

Once my eyes are open, I’m staring right up at the ceiling and quickly know that’s I’m in another new environment again.

I groggily seat up, groaning once the pain in my lower back hits and suddenly feeling weight on my thigh.

The weight being Xena passed off on my lap.

This moment reminds me of all the times she’s stuck right by my bedside every single time I pass
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Stardust Wendy
The bonus chapter would most likely come from February, just in time for valentine. I have exams at the moment, that’s why. But I’ll be working on them offline.
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Michelle D
Do we know when the bonus chapter will start?
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Stardust Wendy
*I meant heartwarming, lol!! Autocorrect is very devious.
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