I Love All The Pieces

I laid down staring at the blank ceiling, my heart feeling a little empty. I didn't know what to feel. Happy that Austin was warming up or scared that it won't last?

I heard the door click open and I closed my eyes. I wasn't sure what he woulf say, or what I would want to hear.

"Hazel?" It was Austin's voice. A little somber, a little low, but it was him.

I didn't respond, and I felt him sit close to me. "You are not pretending to be asleep, right?" He asked, and I almost felt guilty.

But it felt like he wanted someone to listen without judging, so I decided to stay asleep.

There was silence however, and I clenched my fists in curiosity.

"You know, I thought about it. You are right to be insecure." He took in a deep breath and let it out. I released my hand slowly.

"You are right to be guarded. You don't know when I will want her back...I don't know when either. What if I actually forgive her? What if I actually want her back?"

'Then you will leave me.' I thought to myself. You will

Hey there. Harmeen here. So my song recommendation for this chapter is Joji's Glimpse of Us. I like to think that when Austin looks at Hazel, he sees a glimpse of he and Catherine. But when will he want her as Hazel? Thanks for sticking with me.

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