Rogue, Officially.

"Do I have a say? Or has the judgement already been made?" I asked and looked up to them. The rain was convenient, no one would see how hard I was tearing up.

"What do you have to say? Are you about to say how exactly you got Austin to believe your little lie?" Catherine spoke up, her brow shooting up.

I gave her an indignant look and turned to the grand alpha. "It is just is pretty obvious everyone here wants to somehow make me the bad one. But all of you saw it. Catherine was right there, and Austin walked right past me. I showed his marking on my neck and he had no objections. Don't you think if Austin really wanted to change his mate so just means he doesn't think she is worthy of him?"

The grand alpha put a hand under his nose and snickered a little. "Are you trying to push the blame on Austin because he is not here to defend himself?"

"If he was here, he wouldn't want to defend himself," I said rather confidently as opposed to the way I actually felt.
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