The Things He Wants

I didn't realize I had drifted off to sleep, but I woke up a little earlier than normal. The sun was barely up, and the sky was a little dark. It was the time that most of the wolves in this pack enjoyed being wolves.

I woke up, instinctively reaching out to Austin. My hand, however landed on an empty bed. My eyes shot open immediately, alarm bells going off in my head.

"Austin?" I called. There was no answer. I flipped off the covers and went to the shower. There was no sound. I knocked, and there was no reply.

I ran to the walk In closet, still nothing. I then went out of the room to the sitting room. He still wasn't there. I felt my body go cold as I stood in the middle of the sitting room, my brain going over the list of places where he could be, but they all seemed very unlikely.

I slowly walked to the kitchen, remembering the punching bag from yesterday. Sure enough, when I got close enough to the door, I could hear the deep breaths he was taking at intervals, and the sound of
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