Omega Turned Luna

I woke up with a start, feeling the empty bed around me. I had realized Austin wasn't anywhere near me when I stirred and for some reason it just scared the shit out of me. Maybe because things have been going a little too well and I am scared of anything jeopardizing it, or maybe I was having having bad dream.

"Hey. You are going to get a headache doing that." Austin said, walking over to where I sat. He held me in his arm, and scanned my face.

"You are here."

"Of course, I was just on the phone with the gamma, I did not want to wake you up. Sorry if that startled you."

I disentangled myself from him, leaned away and smiled, feeling my fears immediately drown. "No, I am fine. Maybe I was having a bad dream."

He nodded. "I'm sorry."

I smiled at him and leaned back on the bead headrest. "You know, I just realized...I never really asked what my duties as luna are."

The slight furrow in his brows cleared off and he smiled. "Always so thoughtful. I believe during the crowning, you will ge
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