Even if it is The Last Thing I Do

The hall looked nothing like the unfinished one that Austin had shown me just yesterday, and I knew there was definitely no way it could have been done without having to pull all nighters.

Dark red and black roses adorned a cleared path, and petals filled the floor I was supposed to walk on. Most of the pack were there, and in the front I could see Catherine, tears glistening brightly in her eyes, yet a small smile on her face.

I smiled back at her as Austin slowly accompanied me, the train of my dress behind held up by an omega, and the scroll of the Luna's oath waiting on an elevated stand on which Austin would leave me to go to.

He gave me a small reassuring smile as he left my side and then made his way to the stand, a happy smile playing on his lips.

The standing ovation that had welcomed us was still ongoing, and Austin let it go on for a few more seconds, before he finally raised a hand and firmly clenched his fist. It immediately died down and he lowered his hand.

"It is an ho
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