Chapter 51 - Leadership

Killian POV

I am sitting in the back of the car with Ashley, her hands are on mine and they are freezing. I close my eyes slightly and rest my head back. I don’t like this at all. I don’t trust any of those blokes and I know she is in danger there. Theo and Elliot will be escorting us in, I know I won’t be able to protect her on my own in there, too many of them and not enough of me.

Ashley holds my hand tight when the car comes to a stop. We park in front of the modern looking building. Ashley looks at me offering a small shy smile as she opens the door and exits the car following me. I stand next to her as I slam the car door and hold her hand. We walk inside hand in hand and I can see all the security of the different mafias eye each other and Elliot and Theo follow us.

“They can stay outside”, a large man guarding the double doors say and Ashley shakes her head and I open the door and Elliot and Theo follow us inside. We are given a stinky eye but I don’t care what they think or s
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