Chapter Eight

Tyler's POV

She went into subspace a chemical rush that our sex induced, we've never been able to get someone to do that.

Not that we've particular tried but we had sex together with Rose a lot we played for hours some nights and we had played at the club with several women too.

As I pull out of her cum drips down over Zach's balls and onto the bed sheets, it's a pretty sight to see.

Knowing that our cum's are mixed inside her does things to me, I feel possessive of them.

She's unresponsive other than the slight shudder that crawls through her as I exit her body.

I only got a few inches in but that was enough for all of us it seems, she doesn't make it to move off Zach's chest just lays there completely still and dazed her eyes closed and she's relaxed.

Buzzing with endorphins no doubt.

I suppose you could say she's well and truly fucked.

He rolls them over so they're spooning and I lay the other side of her.

I used to do that with Rose after we fucked.

"That was... wow," I remark. Not particularly to anyone but needing to get it out there.

"Hmm" I smile at her response.

Hmm..... indeed. I dare say that's the best fuck I've ever had.

And I've fucked a lot over the years.

I look over to Zach finding he's staring at me intently.

Zach was my first.

I'd been lusting over him from the age of thirteen maybe earlier.

Everyone else was talking about the girls in our school.

Their long hair, budding breasts, and pretty faces.

New curves dramatically changed their body over the summer holidays.

I only wanted Zach.

His blue eyes were lined with thick black liner and his dark hair that he always kept dangling over his eyes.

He was always muscular.

He liked to box and run.

But that year he had started weight training too.

He was hot, so fucking hot mouthwatering hot.

But we were best friends and of course, we spent all our time together.

He was the school 'bad boy'.

I was the tall, skinny nerd.

He was always in fights, always thinking with his fists.

I was the complete opposite, I liked to think my way out of situations and with that I was always there to clean him up and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

It crushed me when he started fucking around with girls, he never had a girlfriend of such but he jumped from one bed to another with the girls in our social group until there weren't any more to fuck then he started broadening his horizon to the other girls in our year, then the year above or below until it was the whole dammed school.

I didn't dare to tell him how I felt.

It wasn't until a party we shouldn't have been at when we were fifteen that I got drunk enough to make a pass at him.

At first, he stepped back from my kiss with all sorts of emotions flitting across his face.

Deafening silence stretched between us and I thought I had lost him.

I was ready to make excuses that I didn't mean when he pushed me against the wall smashing our faces together.

We spent time exploring each other bodies. No one had ever touched my cock before, he was rough and demanding but I liked that.

We had sex that night when we snuck home to his house.

We had no lube but we managed with some Vaseline.

That night he gave me part of his virginity.

But even only having part of it meant everything to me.

A few nights later he fucked me and took mine.

Over the next few months, he showed me he liked to be dominant.

For the first few years of our relationship, I was gladly his submissive.

He stopped fucking girls on the weekends which had me ecstatic.

Then one day he asked me to be the Dom.

Fuck if that was euphoric.

When we were old enough we attended our first private BDSM party.

That night Zach taught me I was bisexual.

I fucked a girl with his guidance and fucking loved it.

I reach and take hold of his hand that was leaning on top of her hip we thread our fingers together like we have done so many times before.

I'm not sure how long we lay there in silence.

I look over every part of her, studying her in detail.

I never noticed the light freckles scattered over her nose before. Nor how long her red eyelashes are.

Or that they were red at all.

She looks so young in her sleep.

Her breathing is even and light. Her breasts only move slightly with every breath she takes.

"She really is beautiful don't you think?" I ask Zach.

He's been watching me for the longest time.

Silence normally isn't his scene but he's been speechless this evening.

"She is" his whisper pulls me from fantasising about kissing her.

He tightens his grip around her, smelling her hair as he does.

"You love her" I state because what else can I say? I can see it in his possessiveness.

I was the same with Rose.

He doesn't answer me, not for a long time.

He's deep in thought I think.

My eyes are fluttering shut when he finally finds the words he wants to say.

He squeezes my hand.

"I think I do." He sighs. I take a peek over at him.

His eyes are screwed shut tension radiates from him in roves. It pains me to see him so unsure of himself.

I brush my fingers over his cheek and his eyes open to stare at me.

"Is this something you would want to Tyler?" It's my turn to have nothing to say.

Is that why he's so confused? Is this something I want again?

It's not our original plan but the girl is special.

Can I see a future with her? Yes, I can.

She is everything I would want in a woman, everything that I do want.

I love her red hair, her pale milky skin and that breathtaking accent.

She plays the piano.

She's caring, kind, and willing.

The way she carries herself speaks to myself and my inner Dom.

But I don't know if I can go through the heartache of falling in love again.

She's so young and she has no clue about our lifestyle.

Dang it, will she even like our lifestyle?

I don't know the answer to that and that unnerves me.

Can I change my sexual likes for her?

But she may like what we do.

We've always known what we like, and anyone we played with already liked the same things as us.

I don't know.

I lean back into my pillow sighing.

I'd like to try. I can see us growing old with her. Having children with her.

She could be our second chance.

I can see us having lots of fun training her to be our submissive.

She has a stubborn streak. And that would cause her punishments, I could see her purposely misbehaving to receive her favourite punishments.

And we'd gladly dish them out.

I guess my answer is yes.

"Yes," I whisper. My voice is almost inaudible but I know he heard me.

He's been waiting for my response.

"Do you think she could be pregnant?" Ah yes!

She seemed to have nausea earlier.

She'd be early, and she isn't showing many signs. But every pregnancy is different like every woman's symptoms are different.

"I'm not sure. She could just have a tummy bug or something" but thinking about it, she doesn't seem ill.

"Do you think she would know the signs even if she were?" Zach asks.

No, I don't think she would, she's so young. Why would she even think about early symptoms of pregnancy?

She did agree to be a surrogate though so maybe she does know.

She could have done her research beforehand.

Uncertainty fills my chest.

If she were pregnant it would be Zach's. Is that why he feels as though he loves her?

Does that bother me?

No, his genetics are strong and I wouldn't care if the baby was his doppelgänger.

At least we would know genetically whose the baby would be u like before with Rose.

"I think we should discuss it with her tomorrow," I tell him.

He nods and leans back.

I listen to the girl's soft breathing, thinking of the possibilities of a small baby growing inside her right now.

My hand hovers over her lower stomach of its own volition.

I don't have the confidence to place my hand there.

It might hurt my heart too much if she isn't pregnant.

Zach brings his hand down on top of mine to cradle her where I wanted to.

It would be stupid to bring a baby into such a new relationship but a small part of me is already jumping with joy just thinking about the little life that may be growing already.

I remember the first time Rose fell pregnant.

We'd been together a for few years and we'd been trying for six months already. Every month her period would come and we knew she wasn't pregnant.

We read that early testing could cause too much stress and that it was unreliable.

So we never did it.

We waited for her period to come and it came every month on time.

She flew home to England on the seventh month. We probably had sex with her four or five times the whole month.

We were too tired or busy with the hotel and club to fly home with her.

When she came back she wasn't feeling so good she had really bad migraines and nausea and was staying in bed long after she would normally get up.

'Boys, I've taken a test. I know we said we would always wait for my period to be late but I just couldn't wait this month'.

Zach and I shared a look.

The displeasure of her disobedience would ultimately end in her punishment.

We smiled at each other.

She put the conspicuous white stick on the kitchen table.

There were two pink lines. One lighter than the other.

'What does that mean?' Zach asked her.

'I'm pregnant' she whispered.

Nerves flitted through her features.

'No way I grabbed the stick to study the lines again as hope-filled my chest.


How could a little white stick with two pink lines give me such a huge emotional reaction?.?

Zach was grinning also.

'All these weird symptoms I've had aren't because I'm ill. It's because there's a mini us growing inside me' she claimed.

We celebrated having sex for most of the day.

She'd been gone for a few weeks and we promised not to fuck each other until she got back.

I smile at the memory.

Times were simple then.

We didn't worry about genetic chromosomal abnormalities, miscarriages or fertility treatments.

We were wholly naive.

My eyes flutter again. Sleep beaconing me.

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