Chapter Forty Four

Tyler's POV

I sobered myself up walking back out into the rain, what the hell did I just do?

If Zach finds out before I tell him I'm as good as gone or maybe I'm gone anyway.

I stand face up toward the sky like in one of those weird movies when the girl walks out on their asshole boyfriend and the rain splashes over my face.

Every drop sobered my mind to what just happened.

I take the long walk back to our apartment to change my clothes, I'm a fucking moron why do I keep going back to her?

It's not like I'm even attracted to her I never was, she was just someone Zach liked to make me fuck as a punishment a means to an end.

Is that it, am I still using her as a punishment or is it she's just easy?

No that's harsh.

She's into me, that's why she always says yes, she's not easy.

We had a good thing in the past. The three of us.

We played without any emotions getting in the way until it went tits up when her boyfriend found out about her secret life and Zach's hated her ever since.

I don't blame him. Christ, we'd been playing around with her behind his back for almost a year so yeah I get why Zach wants to steer clear of her.

Yet here I am every time something goes wrong I go to her, why?

There are still a few officers standing outside the door as I approach the apartment.

"Sorry sir, please move along".

"This is my apartment" I raise my eyebrows are they not done collecting evidence?

"Oh. Well maybe you could answer a few questions in the kitchen. The boss is in there".

Great just what I needed, all I wanted to do was change my clothes not be hounded, not whilst I still have a whole bottle of red coursing through my veins.

I make my way through the entrance hall taking the first door on my right and the officer outside was correct, poor Catherine sat at the table with an unclothed officer.

It looks as if he just hounded her for the last few hours, she has a scrunched-up tissue and a red nose and it is obvious she's been crying.

What has that fucker done to her?

"And who are you?".

"Tyler Mason. This is my apartment" I answer quickly, rudely. Shit, I need to sober up.

I step into the kitchen taking a seat beside Catherine and I offer her my hand in reassurance.

"Ah, Mr Mason. Officer Kind, I'm glad you've come home. This makes my life easier. How is young Miss" he looks through his notes before he remembers Violet's name "Camber" that's not even her name?

"She's alive".

"Has she woken up yet?".


"Do you know the person that assaulted her?".

"It's her stepdad".

"Why is Miss Camber living here?".

"She's our girlfriend".

"Our as in you and" he looks through his notes again.

"Zach and I yes" I give him his answer.

"Is this the normal type of relationship you pursue?".

"We've had plenty of relationships but only two like the one we have with Violet" he's ticking me off. It's not illegal for us to have a relationship with her.

"What about the room they were both found in. Explain that to me".

"It's our playroom".

"Mhm," I don't say anything else. What does he need me to elaborate on?

"Do you abuse her in that room, Mr Mason?".

"Absolutely not" I almost stand until Catherine crushes my fingers in her hand, right, calm down.

This is exactly why I don't drink.

"It's an unusual room to find in an apartment".

"Most of our friends have one," I say sarcastically.

"I've heard".

"What do you do to her in that room?".

"Is that any of your business?".

"Yes, answer the question".

"We fuck".

Catherine tenses beside me. She's probably never heard me swear before I think I'm a little past tipsy, I shouldn't have had a whole bottle but it feels good, the warmth running through my veins.

"Do you do anything else?".



"You've seen our toys, everything we do is consensual. She's our sub".


"Submissive. Zach's also my sub and I'm their Dom".

"So you like to be in charge".

"Sometimes, other times Zach's in charge. I don't see how this is relevant".

"Just trying to figure out why two thirty-something-year-old men want an eighteen-year-old girl".

"Because we love her" he raises his eyebrows jotting down a few things on his notepad.

"Do you know how long Mr Cambers was abusing Miss Cambers?".

"Six Years".

"And how do you know that?".

"She told me".


He stares between Catherine and me silently whilst I try to keep calm but he's wasting my time.

And I need to figure out a way to tell Zach what I did without him shutting me out again.

Hell, I guess I need to tell Violet too.

"Anything else?" I ask annoyed that I'm here instead of the hospital.

That's if Zach lets me stay at the hospital shit I've fucked up badly.

I scratch my head at the thought of the row we are going to have, maybe I should have another bottle of red before I leave.

Don't be stupid.

"That'll be all. Although I will need to question miss Camber".

"Of course" I stand to leave the kitchen "when the doctor deems it okay to" then I leave him behind me.

"Catherine a word?" I call back to her.

The officer nods to her and she hurries to my side but I wait until we are in my room before I speak.

"Catherine I've done something very bad, and I'm not sure how to approach it with Zach".

"What did you do sweetie?".

"Can you pack me a bag and leave it in your apartment in case he asks me to move out?".

"What did you do?" I sit down, Catherine is like a third mother to me.

"I went to see Sophie" I chance a look up at her when she's been silent for too long, her eyes are wide and she's working through what I told her. I hate the disappointment that flashes through her face.

"You didn't" she rubs her temples with a thumb and finger "sleep with her did you?".


"But?" I look down ashamed.

"I whipped her" she tuts at me as she starts to collect some of my belongings whilst I get her my suitcase.

Obviously, she thinks I'll be leaving here and this is exactly why I asked for her help.

"Tyler, you have to stop doing this".

"I know".

"Do you?" She stops to look at me and I think that over, I do know what I've done is wrong but I didn't think about that until she asked me to fuck her, until after. It's always until after I've done something wrong that I think about my decision.

"Why did you go to see her?".

"I needed control" I won't lie, Catherine knows me, she was here the last time I did this as well.

Except for the last time I fucked her, for weeks. This time I only whipped her, that's not as bad, is it?

Catherine stops to look at me, she's waiting for an explanation. Fuck it's just as bad, isn't it?

I palm my face in resignation. I'm fucked.

Nothing can excuse my behaviour I know that I did it because I'm a selfish asshole.

"Violet lost the baby" I muster the courage to tell her why I left her to go whip one of our ex-subs.

"Honesty is important Tyler. You need to tell them. There are two people you've hurt this time" I wince at her words as if Violet isn't going to go through enough.

"I'll make you a coffee. Sober up then go and tell them. You can stay with me until you've earn't their forgiveness" I blink in surprise that she knows I'm drunk.

"If," I say depleted.

I help Catherine pack my things leaving the suitcase by the door for her to wheel to her apartment as it is the only other one on this floor so she will only have to wheel it next door.

She makes me three extra shot coffees before she's happy for me to leave and I hate the way she looks at me. A mixture of pity and disgust.

What would we do without her?

"Thank you, Catherine," I tell her as I get ready to leave. It's stopped raining and because I'm not sober enough to drive I'll just walk. Again.

"Tyler can I ask you something?".


"Do you love Zach?".

"Of course I do".

"Stop hurting him then".

I peck her cheek before I leave because there are no words worthy of that statement.

The walk to the hospital is filled with dread and with that my stomach churns the whole way there.

I should message Sophie to apologise but I can't bring myself to do that at least not until I've told Zach.

I look up to the hospital entrance, it's just after two am and it's dark now.

I sigh as I walk through the hallways, catching the lift to the second floor where I bump into Annie at the reception desk.

"Your back. Are you okay?" I nod. Am I okay? Better than I deserve, she looks at me suspiciously.

"What are you still doing here?".

"I was hoping she would wake up so I could talk to her" so she hasn't woken in the hours I've been gone.

"She's still unconscious?".

"Yes, shall we go to the waiting room. I'll fill you in".

"On what?".

"Come" my heart triple beats at the possibility that something is wrong and that I've missed the opportunity to say goodbye because of my infidelity.

I take a seat immediately as we walk into the same family room. Dante's spread out on a chair sleeping fuck I'm glad he's still here.

"Violet seems to be having panic attacks but isn't responsive. Her ECG is showing signs of a heart that is post-MI" Oh, that can happen when you're not awake?

"MI?" I ask.

"Heart attack Tyler. The doctors are worried. Her heart rate is becoming very high and they've noticed an irregular rhythm. She's spending quite a few minutes in Tachycardia and they believe she's at risk of another heart attack."

"Is there anything they can do to help?".

"Yes, they've been sedating her. It's not good for her heart rate to be so high after it had stopped but Zach's not too happy about that, or the security guy." Of course, they aren't. They're drugging her.

"It's weird though. When Zach touches her, or talks to her she calms down. None of us has ever seen that. Dr Zander believes she's still unconscious but I and a few of the other doctors think she's in some type of semi-state. I think she can hear and feel the people around her. I can't prove it though as she's unresponsive" I hang my head in my hands.

"Could she be like this, you know. Forever?".

"I doubt it, I think her brain just needs to process what's happened. And that will take longer the more sedation they give her".

"So why not stop the sedation?".

"Dr Zander is worried she'll have another heart attack"

I shake my head at the information she is giving me, she wouldn't be here if we had protected her better.

If Callum had done his job, I raise my head at the thought of him.

"Do you know what happened between Zach and Callum?" She rolls her eyes and smiles.

"Zach has a busted lip and Callum needed two stitches to his left eye".

"Were the police involved?".

"No, your security over there guarded the door whilst they used each other as punching bags." I raise my eyebrows, they're fucking lucky hospital security weren't called.

"Thank you, Annie, it means a lot that you've taken the time to be here. How is your little one?" Annie has a two-year-old little boy who has the cutest little dimples and brown hair.

Kaden reminds me of Zach when we were younger. He's boisterous and naughty but gets away with everything because of those damned dimples.

"He's a little terror. It's nice to be working again actually. You take your freedom for granted when you are not a parent" she taps my arm comfortingly.

We could have had that, a baby running around us in a few years and Violet was convinced she was having a boy.

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