Chapter 27—One That Leads

              He sat on his throne, a big leather chair behind his big table, waiting for her to come in anytime now. He could hear the taps of her stilettos on the wooden floor furnishing the executive quarters, and saw her walk towards his office with quick steps, briefly stop at Linda's desk, and continue the sway of her long legs in the direction of his office when his secretary motioned her to go in. Her smile was already forming as she entered, and widened as she neared; the taps of her shoes silenced instantly as they sank into the plush carpeting of The Boss' office.

              "I actually threatened the CMO of a Fortune 100 company and it worked!" Gina exclaimed—referring to the meeting that afternoon. Her eyes were flashing with excitement, her entire face lit up. She put her hands on his desk and leaned forward, bringing her fac

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