Meeting Him 2

"You bitch, you're cut off. Don't expect a damn dime from me in your account," he yelled again. I'm sure his phone was swimming in his spittle as he spoke. I never had the balls to talk to dad like this before, and I must say, it was pretty invigorating. Maybe it was because I was surrounded by a bunch of vampires that now hold a picture of my father's face to ensure he would never be let in.

Not that he would find us, anyway.

"You hear me?! Not a damn dime!" I cut the call and tossed the phone on the bed. Little did he know I moved all my money to a new bank account. Justin was pretty savvy in that department. It was like he had everything planned out before I even arrived. He forced mom to not take one single dime from her now ex-husband. Justin was supposedly rich anyway and said he would take care of us.

I mean, who ever heard of a poor vampire anyway?

They were all rich. If I met a poor vampire, I think I might choke on my own spit. This place was oozing with money. Many of them were old and invested in stocks and bonds when they first came on the scene. They lived in the lap of luxury.

Of course, I wasn't going to take anything from Justin. I'd find my way and pay back any expenses I racked up while I was here. I wasn't one for handouts, I worked a lot through college at the measly taco shack off campus.

Shoving my phone into my pocket, I went over to my easel. Justin discovered how much I loved to draw and gifted it to me. Part of me felt like he was trying to buy me, but the other part tried to see the good in him. He took my mother away, and now I couldn't see her. Sure, we were going to try and set up video chats until her blood lust calmed down, but it wasn't the same, and he knew that.

He was trying to give me distractions. Couldn't fault him for that.

I picked up my digital pad and pen instead of going with the traditional pen and paper route. The sun was slowly setting, and the picture of the landscape before me couldn't be ignored. Getting lost in the brushstrokes on the screen would calm my nerves.

Grabbing my oversized black sweatshirt with a corgi butt on the front and the saying, "feeling corgeous," I slipped it on and petted Christopher before I walked out the door. 

The living room was filled with the other housemates watching a scary movie. The jump-scare scene had everyone screaming with laughter as I put the hood over my head.

A warm hand touched my shoulder. "Hey," a smile in the voice had me turn my head. It was Ashton, the vampire hater. There were days I could see the appeal of hating the vampires, but since I've been here, they have all been friendly, and I couldn't complain too much. They set us up in this nice house and let us be near our parents.

"I know transitioning can be hard," Ashton's voice grew soft. "We were giving you space but would love for you to hang out with us." The movie had paused, and everyone peered over the couch. The bleached blonde girl in the corner chair scowled, crossing her arms.

She looks friendly. 

Ashton had that playboy smile, and dark hair with hints of natural copper highlights. He had a pretty face, a bigger build than that of Wyatt. 

Ugh, now I'm thinking of that douche again. 

I shuffled my feet, not really enjoying the closeness. I had this bubble, and I only let certain people in, and he was definitely not allowed in it. "I, uh, thanks." I managed to spit out. "I'm going to sit for a while, maybe some other time?" The blonde in the back smiled, sitting her prissy ass back in the chair.

Ashton's smile faltered his hand touching my shoulder. "It's alright. How about tomorrow you join us for movie night?" The rest of the crew looked hopeful, their smiles made me feel more welcomed.

"Sure," I murmured. "Guess I got to make friends sometime," I chuckled. Ashton's smile grew.

"Trust me, having some human friends will do you some good. We are all going through the scenario, and having others to lean on is a good thing." He winked as I stepped back to the door.

"You're probably right." I held my tablet tightly to my chest. "My mom is going through her blood lust right now, and it's been," I heaved a sigh. "Difficult." Ashton gave a small smile.

"Like I said, we've been there. We can help you through it." Ashton patted my shoulder and backed away. "Anytime you want to talk, I'm here." Nodding, I turned to the door and escaped the house. Maybe it would do some good to talk to other humans going through the same thing. Even if Suron said I should stay away.

How could he tell me to stay away from my own kind anyway?

Trudging towards the lake, the sun tickled the top of the trees. The benches usually filled with vampires, children, and humans transitioning had long gone. The lake was now quiet, the crickets and frogs singing in the quiet forest surrounding me.

Pulling my tablet from my chest, and the pen from my pocket I flipped it on to see the last piece of art I had made. It was a picture of Wyatt and me, our faces smooshed together at homecoming from high school. We both looked so happy, everything was innocent between us, or so I thought.

I sniffed, feeling the tingle in my nose. This was going to be a gift for him at graduation. I took the pen in my left hand, taking the erase icon and tapping it lightly. Each swipe was enough to pull more and more emotion from my heart. Slowly, my strokes brushed through the once happy faces.

I wasn't just erasing a picture. I was erasing memories. Memories that were tainted, fake, all a lie.

Humming, I continued to erase, slowly but surely, until tears fell down so quickly I didn't feel eyes watching me. My back stiffened as the last bit of the picture was now erased.

Turning slowly, my eyes looked up at a vampire staring at me. He was handsome, just like every other vampire here. Tall, with a slim athletic build. His face could have been carved from stone how sharp it was. Even with the youthful appearances of vampires, his face held a story. 

There was something deeper, a longing held in his eyes. It wasn't an uneasy stare as he looked at me. It was a stare so deep I swear he saw every emotion that simmered in my body. My heart beat quickly, my body flushed. I blinked, wiping away the tears that had fallen down my reddened cheeks.

Shaking my head from the trance that beguiled me, I stood up, holding the tablet like it was the most precious thing. My eyes glared at the vampire who said nothing, whose stare continued to penetrate me. His eyes softened, his fists that were tightened loosened, and he took a step forward.

"Stay back," I held out my hand, ceasing him in his tracks.

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Bella Jersey
I don’t them using compulsion on the humans that live in coven
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Michelle Lynn Deskin
Pretty good story so far...
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Evuharerhe Amaka
interesting but how can I continue since I can't use the gem neither can I recharge due to network challenge

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