Chapter 6

Lily walked to a deserted location and stood beside the canal. She didn’t want to be rescued by anyone. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and put a leg forward, but before she put the other, a man pulled her. She looked at the unknown man through her watery eyes.

“Miss, I can’t let you die!”

“Why?” Lily cried. She was a little happy that someone didn’t want her to die, but why?

“We were ordered to protect you.”

“Did my dad send you?” Lily enthusiastically asked. “I know that my father cared about me.”

The man nibbled his lip and looked at the ground. “No!”

Lily’s lips instantly turned down. “Then?”

“Mr. Niklaus Cooper”

Lily blinked her eyes and wondered where she heard that name. It was a familiar and popular surname and name, but she couldn’t recall who he was and why he sent people to protect her. “Sorry, but who is he? I don’t know anyone by that name.”

“It’s me!” A deep voice came from her right side.

Lily turned to face a tall person in a neat suit in f
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Lagrimas Subaldo
all books are very nice but so many chapters
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Lagrimas Subaldo
nice reading
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Glorita Codilla
how could she lived in a pennyless state with any backings

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