Chapter 10

While he was looking at her cute face and smiling like crazy, Kai opened the door. He came near to Niklaus, “Sir, until when are you planning to stay here,” he whispered.

“Sh... She might wake up!”

Kai sighed and rolled his eyes. It was too much to see his boss turn to the exact opposite of his actual nature. Until a day ago, time was everything to him. Nik planned every minute of the day carefully to make the best use of it. But now he was just standing and giggling at a girl, whom he had known for less than twenty-four hours. “Sir...” he said a little louder which woke up Lily.

Lily’s eyes went wide open to see two men before her. She hurriedly stood up and looked around for a clock. “6 o’clock!” she exclaimed, “Sorry Sir, I fell asleep. You should have woken me up.” Her heart was racing like hell and she was cursing herself for lack of self-restraint.

“I was about to. But you know my secretary, Mr. Kai Stewart won’t allow me.” Nik shrugged his shoulders and looked at Kai with
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where is the proofreading.
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Lola Rondon
Overkill with the drinking a glass of water description! How can drinking a glass of water be horrific

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