Chapter 85

Kai, Hannah and Bryce started to a beach near Meyers mansion. Nik and Lily decided to check the bridge that Lily was about to jump on a few months back.

On the way, Lily made sure that she doesn't look at Nik and kept her whole concentration on the road. The five minutes journey was like an hour to her, because of the tension. She was frightened of her sister and was also worried about what Nik thought about her.

Their marriage was just an agreement and she was tensed that Nik could think bad of her. 'Will he think that I a money-minded person? Will he think that an unstable person?'

Nik on the other side didn't understand what was going on in his life. What his father said was true, he has changed. He decided to do a contract marriage so that he wouldn't get involved in emotions and stuff. But that's what was happening since he got into the false married. As the love problem wasn't sufficient, Lily's whole family was making him go through various stuff. He felt that once a problem wa
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Pamela Oliver
Lily needs to tell her stupid ass sister yes I still have it but the next time he beat your ass and let his friends rape you don't call me and my husband to come and save your dumb ass Drake only pretending so he won't go to jail and his dad won't slap his ass
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Jhing Ghing Gomez
why the girls always suffer please finished this story
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Cleo Agustin
Nice story... please more update..........

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