Chapter 86

Lily immediately turned to Nik. It was not even ten minutes ago, that they got together and expressed their love for each other. She was worried how Nik might take it seriously, when in fact she actually forgot about the ring. She did keep the ring as a remembrance, but at present, she has zero effection towards Drake. However, what can she do? She can't prove that to Ember and Nik.

"Really! Did you still keep the ring I gave you?" Drake muttered at the wrong place and situation. His eyes looked curious and filled with love.

Ember got enraged to hear that. "What did you just say? Didn't you say that you want to start with me again?" She fumed at Drake and then glared at Lily, "Why did you come here? Why do you want to spoil my life? Is Nik not enough for you?"

Lily's heart clenched to see Ember cry and those striking words made her whin. She didn't want Ember to be with Drake, but the situation has become such a way that her good opinion and suggestion were no longer visible. While sh
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