Chapter 87

[1 Month later]

Nik, Lily, Kai and Hannah got on the flight. Nik and Lily decided to go to an island since both of them loved beaches. Since Kai had to come for security, Lily proposed Hannah come along. They booked two couple rooms but didn't reveal it to Kai and Hannah, since they were sure that Kai wouldn't agree.

Though Kai and Hannah were in a relationship, Kai's discomfort or uneasiness when they were together, made Hannah upset every time. So, Lily decided to keep them in a room so that the ice would break between them. Nik opposed her idea saying not to interfere in their relationship, but Lily was stubborn and did as she decided.

It was Hannah's first time on the plane, and she was kind of afraid. She glanced for a second at Kai, who was sitting beside her as the plane took off. She then closed her eyes tight and tried to cover her shivering legs and hands. She didn't want Kai to know that it was her first flight.

As the plane was in the air, Lily remembered that it was H
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