Chapter 88

As a response, Lily removed her hand, climbed over him and pressed her lips to his.

Nik once knew what he missed the most in that month - it was Lily's kiss and the sweetness in her mouth. He at once turned her and slammed her to the bed. And tasted every inch of her mouth.

"I missed this the most!" he whispered in her ear and gave a strong hickey on Lily's most sensitive part - the neck. Lily let out a moan and that energized him even more. He got rid of his shirt and began placing wet kisses on her neck while unbuttoning her shirt.

He teased her nipples by rounding them with his tongue just like she did. Lily's breathing increased with the sensual feeling running into the nerves of her body. Her stomach was rising and falling as Nik kept circling a boob and crushing another one like dough. Nik suddenly bit the peaking nipple and Lily let out a moan in a tone that she herself couldn't identify.

"Love that!" Nik looked into her eyes and whispered.

His face with falling hair was s
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