Chapter 90

[After two hours]

Drake reached the resort. His men and Nik's men too reached the location. "Martin's location has changed. What's happening?" Drake asked Nik, worriedly looking at the iPad that his men showed.

"He said that he had some work to do. He asked me to wait until he comes back," Nik said with grinding teeth. It was the first time that someone told him what to do and he obeyed that, greatly unlike him. To the worst, he was waiting for Drake to come, without doing anything. It was because of Drake that they landed in such a situation and the creator of the problem itself helping was ridiculous to see.

"So, this is the correct chance. A gang without a leader is weak. This is the perfect time to attack."

"Great discovery!" Nik said and rolled his eyes. "We have created a plan. This is the place they probably hid Lily.....purely based on your words." Nik pointed to a map. "The surrounding area is literally a forest. So, we just have to hide."

Drake sighed and everyone glared
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Nik is very smart... but how did Mr Thomas Cooper gets there?

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