Chapter 93

Reaching home, Nik walked to the bedroom, holding Lily's hand.

"Nik, what happened?" Lily asked, not understanding why he was pulling her.

Without answering, he slammed the bathroom door and opened the shower. Before Lily could understand what was going on, Nik pushed her to the wall and began kissing her.

As the water hit her, the injuries that were bandaged cried. "Nik!" she tried to call.

"Please! Be silent for some time!" he said, looking at her through his watery eyes.

"Why are you..." Before she could say 'crying,' Nik smashed his lips on hers. Though she was taken aback for a while, she enjoyed the kiss, their tongues danced, and she allowed Nik to taste her mouth. She secretly loved when Nik puts his scent all over her mouth. It also worked as magic to calm, relax and arouse her.

Nik moved to her neck.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" she moaned in pain. Instead of kisses, Nik was giving her a trail of sharp bites. At the same time, he was pinching the wet nipples hard over her T-shirt.
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