Chapter 94

Three weeks passed and it was the first day of the second semester. Since neither Drake nor Thompson did any suspicious activity, there wasn't much discussion about them. Jealousy and possessiveness of Nik on his father were no more. Though they weren't in contact, Nik was happy that he wasn't showing love toward someone else's child.

Lily was hurriedly stuffing her mouth with food at the dining table. She appeared worried as the results of the first semester would be out. "I am done!" she said after eating a sandwich.

"How would that be enough? At least drink some juice."

"Ok!" Lily pouted. "Orange juice!" she said to the maid.

"Mam, we don't have orange juice, how about Apple or banana? You like sweet drinks, right?"

"Yes...But I want something sour. Urgh!" Lily abruptly dashed to the wash basin and vomited. "Idiot Stomach! Does it have to get upset today?" Lily scolded her stomach.

"Are you fine?"

"Of course!" She confidently said but fell unconscious the next second.

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