Chapter 95

Lily silently walked away and sat on the bench near her class. Hannah followed her and sat beside her. "Lily, he has the right to know."

Lily just mummed, staring into the air.

Hannah too reminded silent. She said what she wanted and must, the rest is upon Lily's choice.

After a couple of minutes, "I thought abortion as an option if it gets difficult for you guys. I don’t want my pregnancy to hinder our company plan and I don’t want to disappoint you both. I don't think that he will permit me to abort."

"Lily! Stop thinking about us. This is your life. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift for a woman. It allows us to carry a life in us. Please don't do anything that you will regret in the future. A career can be made even after a year, but the thought that you killed a baby even before it's born will be with you for your entire life."

"Fine! I will tell him when I find a chance."

Going back to the class, Bryce stared at their frowning faces. "What happened to you both? Everything okay?
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Makungwa Agness
i thought she would abort am glad she didnt
goodnovel comment avatar
Pamela Oliver
Thompson needs to mind his own damn business and I do believe he is Drake's real father Nik ,Lily,Kai and Hannah all should just move away from Nik's family
goodnovel comment avatar
Bessie Cousain
I'm reading five books and this by far is my favorite ...! The suspense is killing me (figuratively speaking). More! More! More!

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