It was a cozy morning and the alarm rang lousily, I groaned and banged it's head to keep shut. Why would it wake me up this early when I was rehearsing on how to catch a suspect? But thanks to this old thing though, it got me up early, let's just say a little. I rose up and tottered to the bathroom, but my eyes caught something, it was my outfit which laid on my rocking chair, I hissed and folded my arms. It seemed like every day was frustrating for me since I took this job. I work as a detective, which was the worst job on Earth for me, my dreams and plans were far different from this career. I know it's kind of weird doing something which I dislike, but the truth about the fact is, I was forced into becoming one. You know, in a family, certainly a parent desires for at least one of their children to take off from where they stopped, and I was the chosen one. Argh like why would my father do that to me? I was the last child and the rest of my siblings followed their dreams or perhaps still struggling with it, and my father was heartbroken that none of them followed his field. He was a great detective and always boast that one of his children would take after him and boom! I was the sacrificial lamb, he termed me his favorite because I wanted to play the good girl but deep inside, I knew I was worth something more than this. As for my mother, every decision made was accepted by her because she believes that it's best for the family to stay United. In the end I got separated from them due to a tragedy that left a scar in my heart even though it was my fault, playing the rascal child later on. Well away from that, I quickly dashed into the bathroom to hurry. My phone rang countless times, but I was avoiding being queried since I was freaking late. As fast as I could, I prepared and ran off heading to work. It was a special day for me; it was going to be my first time practicing what I claimed to study. Did I ever mention how I even got this job? Well all thanks to Sophia who was my childhood friend. She helped me behind my backs, and that tale is for another day. I got to the office late and tried avoiding being caught and heavens heard my silent prayers, my rescue hero Sophia found me by the exit door. Sophia was in charge of taking the attendance, she beckoned on me to follow her behind and we both sneaked into the major's cabin. Thanks to my little idea too of acting like her secretary. I sat opposite her as she kept flipping files, I must say, I felt doozy and tired, what was taking her time to appoint me to a crime scene.

"Hope you had a good night rest" she began with a serious face.

"Kind of" I muttered, rubbing my eyes. Sophia heaved a sigh and jammed the files together, which made dust sweep off my face. I knew what was coming, it was the red flag.

"I can't keep covering up for you…" She paused and folded her lips.

"What? Is your boss furious? Or you're tired of helping?" I snapped and crossed my legs. I knew she wished to say more than that, but she just kept mute and gave me the file. Furthermore, I blew her a kiss and left.

The sun was scorching hot, and I stood under it, trying to investigate a crime scene, well, where I found myself was a murder scene which was situated at an isolated building, what did I ever do wrong to be assigned with such intellectual duty? Couldn't they understand that it was my first duty? Although, It was a good thing I wasn't alone, Mr Raymond accompanied me. He was the senior CSI and usually accompany new accquitant. He tried to explain what I would do at first, but I claimed I knew it all, my years in this field can't be a waste. We both passed through the caution tape. Mr. Raymond brought out a microscope from his pocket and as for me, I was the camera lady with the Stern looks. I bent down slowly to get the full coverage of the items on the ground such as glasses, footsteps among others. If I wasn't mistaken, I felt someone was pointing a pistol from behind us. I quickly alert Mr Raymond and we both took cover in the building. I was shaking with fear as he passed me a gun. With closed eyes, I could see bullets flying over our heads from outside the building.

"Roll over" Mr Raymond snapped, rolling to the other side of the building which was a room and I followed suit. We got in and unfortunately for us, we got trapped because some goons of ten were inside this room like though awaiting us the prey, and they all raised their guns towards our head. I shook and fell to the ground.

"Miss Jane?" A voice called, it seemed familiar as I could feel its hands around my waist lifting me up.

"Miss Jane!!" It furthered and I blinked my eyes. It was Mr Raymond calling my name. I looked around, we were still at the same spot. What just happened? Was I imagining? But it looked so real I almost had goosebumps! In fact, I was ready to play the heroine.

"Are you okay?" He questioned with a worried face. I let loose of his grip and nodded. It was happening again, now Sophia would truly think am a weirdo.

"We need to leave" I ordered, gazing around, and he scoffed. I fixed my ears on him and imagined what he must be thinking. Perhaps he would say.

"She's at it again, always saying weird things…so strange" or certainly this rather.

"Now I know why she wasn't given case despite being the oldest recruit that year". Mr Raymond sighed and still continued his investigation. I felt unsecured and yelled that we should go, but he was reluctant claiming that I had a high fever or lost in my crazy imaginations. I had to come up with a plan to leave there immediately with him, which I did. I must say, I was a genius in lying and acting. Not only that, but I told him Sophia left a message that we should return since the culprit had been figured out. Well, in such words, I needed to back it up with proof which I did. I should him a message which she sent to me a week ago. Mr Raymond wasn't the kind that argues with what one says, most times I wondered how he turned out to be the best, I mean a suspect could frame a lie, and he would believe or is it because he knows Sophia and I were close. Either way, we moved away from there and headed to the office, and I was relieved.

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