2. Born To Be An Alpha.

In the royale palace where up to fifty people can easily live, on the second story of the mansion, there is a man who is sleeping on his large bed. The huge spacious bedroom has literally everything present here, from a large balcony to a huge tv screen. The chandelier that is hanging on the ceiling right above the bed is not lightened up in the daytime, but at night it looks breathtakingly beautiful. There is a wardrobe full of expensive clothes, dark-colored suits, formal shirts, matching ties, and shoes. His watches are especially inherited from the King before him. Everything seems perfect, a pure luxury. The man lays down straight, his eyes closed but eyebrows knitted for some reason. 

There is sweat that starts to form on his forehead, this disturbs his sleep. Quickly jolting from the bed, he pushes his face to his hand. Every night it has been the same dream and every morning he wakes up with the same fright since she died. Every night it is the same guilt and every day it is the same regret. Regret that he didn’t get to talk to his mother before she died - he prefers the term murdered. Regret that the last words he spoke to her were hurtful. Ever since he became the alpha, he lost his control and became a pure devil. His fists grab the sheets as he yanks them apart. He does not deserve this bed, he does not deserve this position. He deserves to be a rouge, a mangy mutt with no home. Not the Alpha King. 

None of his siblings stepped forward to protest his father's decision when he declared him the King. No one spoke against his decision, besides him. Was this his trick? Was this his punishment for being cruel to his mother? He wanted something worse, he wanted to be disowned not to live in a home that felt so empty without her smile. He wanted to curl a ball and hide. 

He gets out of the bed and growls as he looks at his own reflection. His chest is rising and falling quickly as he stares at himself. Half of his mother, half of his father, this reflection seems to haunt him forever and forever. Until his very last breath. He thinks of it as a curse, a full-fledged mistake. It is no secret that his birth was a mistake. Esme was supposed to be the last pup of this litter - but surprised - he can’t stand his reflection anymore. He runs down a hand to his face, shaking his head as he walks towards his closet. Pulling out an outfit, he quickly gets dressed. He does not bother to comb his hair, just instead he rakes a hand through the smooth locks, slipping the shoes and walking out of the room. The large staircase leads towards the dining hall and the living room, he prefers to make his way to the dining hall. Stepping on the red carpet that is carefully attached to the stairs, he seems to be in a bad mood. 

“You look like shit -” his eldest brother Ferguson shouts as he looks up at him. His hazel eyes have been dulling since their mother died. “You need to wash -” he adds as he offers a smile. He only stares at his elder brother, probably wants to snap at him, yell at him for making him the Alpha King. He believes his older brothers could have spoken up and protested for their rights, but no one did. His siblings mourn for their mother while he pouted in one corner. He asked this question several times to his mother about the youngest one becoming the Alpha and every time he gets the same answer.

“Until when are you going to pout like a child?” his sister Adina tears the bread using her hands, diverting her attention she moves her beautiful brown eyes at him, scanning his look completely. He squints his eyes before parting his lips but only to interrupt him, his elder brother exclaims, “Come on, Bruce. Drop off the arrogant look -” Colin grunts at once. And when Ferguson realizes a quarrel coming up, he quickly changes the topic, “We are siblings, we must stand united. If our enemies sense the differences between us, they might easily tear us apart.” Ferguson is a man with etiquette, he got this from his parents, most importantly his King father. All of the siblings that Alpha Bruce has spoken highly of their family, follow all of the family traditions that their father had set up. One of those traditions includes always sitting together for supper. 

Out of all of his siblings, Bruce is the only one who has not found his mate. The oldest one to find a mate is Felix, he found Bella when he was seventeen. Everyone else found their mates at the age of sixteen. Bruce is twenty-four years old and still, without a mate, his siblings and his mother are exhausted, asking him to find his mate and carry on with his life. His mother was pushing him to go on a meeting, to join the she-wolves for a celebration. Demanding that he meets a woman, he snapped at her and told her to bother her other children. She kept it up repeatedly and said mean words, slammed the door in his face. Everyone in this family has issues, they are short-tempered beings, Bruce and his siblings inherited this from their parents. 

The poison that killed innocent children and the she-wolves. The thought of this makes his skin crawl and his family was not even affected by it. Was his mate one of the wolves who died? The human who made the poisonous gas was given a choice - to be punished and tell the truth about how he made it or die. The foolish human chose death and the wolves never learned what was in the gas, what made it so deadly? “I am late -” he mumbles, staring at his watch, and looking up he meets eyes with his older brother who gets up alongside him. His brother copies his steps as he looks at Bruce. 

“What has gotten into you?” he asks, touching his shoulders. Ferguson is like a father figure to Bruce. Whenever there is something wrong or Bruce is in need of advice he sends captain Tyler to him, not having a first-hand conversation with his brother. Ferguson grew up seeing his father ruling the kingdom, he gained all the experience just by watching him. No one in this palace can be this experienced and wise as Ferguson, he wants the better for this kingdom and also for Alpha Bruce. None of his siblings spoke against the decision of Alpha Apolo, instead, they accepted the command like considerate wolves. The werewolves of this family have dignity and they honor their family values, above all things. 

“Where were you last night?” his brother raises a question and just to answer him, he exclaims, “You know where -” rolling his eyes, his elder brother is continuously ignoring his unnecessary tantrums. Bruce has always been like this, just before the death of the Alpha, he shut himself out and stopped talking to people with delicacy. He even stopped smiling. Ever since this news broke out to him about being the youngest alpha, that too at the age of fourteen, he was devastated. It took him almost two weeks to recover from the murder of his father and the next thing he knew he had to rule a kingdom as a King. Being an alpha King at a very young was very stressful for him, there were times when he couldn’t make a decision but then his mother and Ferguson comes for his help. 

“I will let Tyler come with you -” his elder brother utters and this makes him stare at Ferguson for a while, batting his long eyelashes at him.

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