3. Duties Of The Queen.

“Lady Adina. There are new workers wanting to join the palace in the position of maids. Do you want me to bring them for the interview?” a woman dressed professionally in a maid uniform stands carefully beside the sofa chair, her eyes buried down to the marble floor. While Adina sits patiently on the sofa chair, her hands wander around the fruit bowl, she clasps the grape in her hand, twirling it into her mouth. Raising a question, she speaks with, “what does it have to do with me, Maria? I don’t handle this business -” Walking past by the corridor is Ferguson, he stops to listen to the conversation. When his sister politely refuses to collaborate on the working stuff, he sighs deeply. He starts walking once again, shouting in a loud voice, he commands the attention of his sister who gets attentive. “Adina! I need to see you -” 

Quickly Adina finishes the grape in her mouth, swallowing it completely and she gets on her feet, adjusts her skirt, she makes her way to her brother’s room. There is sitting Ferguson on a throne-like chair, this used to be the study room of his father. He used to read the letters and negotiate with the other kingdoms, he used to spend numerous days and sometimes nights in this room, making necessary decisions for the kingdom. Bruce dares not to enter this room, ever since he became the Alpha he prefers to use the conference hall to make decisions and have the meetings with his wolves. Ferguson is present in each and every meeting, he is practically the right-hand man to the Alpha. 

“You summoned me, brother -” she speaks politely, respecting the fact that he is her elder brother. He moves his hazel eyes to take a look at her, she seems perfectly beautiful. Adina is addicted to the fashion of the twenty-first century, she is a diva who likes to live her life being a phenomenal she-wolf with a brazen personality. Eldest amongst the sisters, she has the nature of being a carefree bird. He refers to her, being extra polite to her, “Sister, you know the crises we are going through. We have no parents, our mother died recently. She was a Queen - a perfect one if I may remind you. And you - you are a Princess, my love. As your duties being a princess is not just look beautiful all the time, you must - and when I say must I mean fully considerate… you must take mother’s place.” While she is silent, Ferguson notices a glimpse of expedition rising on her gorgeous face. 

“I -” she is blank, this catches her off guard. Before she could complete her stuttering, Ferguson informs her, “I might give this responsibility to Rosalia - or even Bella and they will happily accept it, but those are not the Princesses of this palace. They are only our mates. As the daughter of the Queen, you must be fully obligated to perform the given task, Adina.” She doesn’t argue with him but politely states, “But brother, there are your sisters too. Can’t you just give them to -” She is being interrupted by her elder brother, “You mean, Leena, Esme, and Sylvie? Those are your younger sisters, Adina.”

She cannot keep her blunt mouth silent and exclaims, “If that’s the case, my brother then it should be you instead of Bruce as our Alpha. Older or younger, does not matter if you’re a member of this family -” Ferguson remains silent, he only nods at once, dismissing her he calls his mate Rosalia. He utters, “Rosalia, you need to do an act - just like I tell you to, alright?” Rosalia and Ferguson plan something against Adina, not to hurt her but to make her realize that she is the eligible candidate to take over the duties of the Queen. Ferguson asks the cooks for the grand dinner which is arranged in the palace on the fourteen of every month when the sky is filled with the full moon. This event is celebrated by all the wolves of the kingdom and the palace is filled with lights, candles, and also a delicious supper. 

Dinner time arrives, and everyone comes back to sit together and enjoy their food. The seating arrangement is changed a little, Ferguson stops everyone from sitting except the Alpha. Being in a bad mood, Alpha Bruce is sitting on his throne-like chair, waiting for the rest of them to sit next to him. Ferguson speaks up, “I have decided something - Rosalia will be sitting on the right side of our Alpha and I will be on the left -” the right side of the dining table belongs to the Queen and ever since she died, Adina was the one to sit there. But seeing that Rosalia is sitting on the right side and Ferguson on the left, she feels unusual. Bruce moves his eyes, staring blankly at Ferguson. He believes that his brother has some kind of plan, when everyone is seated, it is Adina who is having a hard time accepting the fact that Rosalia is given this opportunity to be a Queen. She does not sit, instead, she slams her hands on the dining table, looking arrogantly at her elder brother. She has no guts to shout at her elder brother but she tries her best to swallow her anger. It is only one moment when Rosalia is about to sit in her place when Adina stops her, blurting out, “Don’t, Rosalia!” 

A smirk covers his face as Ferguson feels a little proud of his sister. After all, the blood of the royals runs in her veins and she is her father’s daughter. “What happened, Adina?”

She takes deep breaths, the color of her eyes starting to change and Ferguson informs her, “Not here, Adina!” Within a moment she manages to speak, “She will not take my place!” and hurries out of there, leaving the family alone to have dinner. Ferguson and Rosalia are sitting together, after his mate has happily left the seat, she comes to sit next to him. “Alright, everyone, we may begin the celebration -” says Bruce the Alpha. 

The very next day, Adina begins her duties as a Queen, she professionally is taking all the responsibilities of her mother with the help of the souvenir Maria. Starting with the evaluation of the new workers. She asks Maria to arrange the meeting in the garden where she is going to ask them a few questions, judging by their ability to select them or not. This decision is left totally upon her. Anna enters the huge gates of the palace, nervous as if she is going to face her mother who will ask her endless questions. She is standing in a long queue reaching the garden, patiently waiting for her turn. She is told to get interviewed by the Princess herself, the daughter of the Queen, Princess Adina.

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