Chapter Fourteen - Dancing

She woke to the clatter of maids and heard her mother’s strident voice raised in complaint. That was one sound she hadn’t missed. Someone squealed and she guessed Edgar had goosed one of the women. In her opinion the girl had gotten off lightly.

Xander was not in the room. In some ways that was a relief, in others not. Eithne felt vulnerable, unprotected. Throwing back the coverlet she rose and went into the bathchamber. Everything was still and silent, except for the nearby chatter and the sound of weapons clashing in the training area.

Had he gone to oversee that, perhaps to participate? She told herself she didn’t care.

Using some more of the water he’d inexplicably fetched for her, she washed as thoroughly as it was possible to do without immersion. A knock at the door sent her into a panic, but she knew it couldn’t be him and an intruder wouldn’t have taken the trouble.

Not wanting to use her voice in case it fetched her mother, she went cautiously to the door, clutching the r
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