Chapter Fifteen - Saviour

Flavius did not linger anywhere until they had left the palace entirely. As they crossed the courtyard, he squeezed her hand.

“There’s no need to fear me, little one,” he said.

“I – I wish I could believe that, messire.”

“Oh, I’m not worthy of that title. And the names we used in the place of shame are taken from tombstones, as like as not.”

He was right, she reflected. Place of shame about summed up the whole palace at the moment. Or was he just referring to the one room?

“What do they call you?” she asked.

“Bastard, mostly.” He smiled without humour. “Iain. No surname. As I said, I’m as illegitimate as the next.”

She sighed. “I wish this horrible nightmare were over. Since the conqueror arrived things have gone from bad to worse.”

“Do you mean Xander?” Iain snorted. “He’s just a jumped up mercenary.”

“I thought so.”

What was that lump in her throat?

“But the way he looks at you, Princess. I’ve never seen him like that.”

“The hate, you mean. The … ” She couldn’t bring herself to say
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