Chapter Seventy-Nine - Divided Loyalties

There was a new hazard to be overcome once they were close to the fresh air. Xander pulled Eithne back just as she was on the point of exposing herself to the men surrounding the small boat.

That gave him an idea. He knew she wouldn’t like it.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you how much you love the realm,” he said, in a low voice which sounded mock serious even to his own ears.

“I don’t understand.”

“Trust me, you will. Well?”

“It is my solemn duty to do anything to help the kingdom of Ormond.”

“Thank the good Lord, I was hoping you would say that. You didn’t swear?”

“Unlike the royal heir, it was enough that I made a promise to my father, the late King.”

“I see. Now, I want you to do exactly as I say. Strip!”

Her eyes widened.

“Here? Now? But I thought – ”

“As I suspected. A most disloyal subject,” he said. “Must I do everything myself, including undressing you?”

“You failed before,” she pointed out, her violet eyes stormy.

“This is a needs must situation,” he said, spinning h
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