Chapter Eighty-Three - New Beginnings

Eithne could hide nothing from Xander, nor did she want to, and especially not when it came to her condition. He was delighted and swept her off her feet, though with caution, adding after several kisses that they really ought to conclude their arrangement.

Procrastination shouldn’t become a habit.

She puzzled for a time until she translated that to mean wed sooner rather than later. Illegitimacy remained unspoken between them. While he had so often flaunted his, she knew it rankled more than he let on.

They were still arguing about what form it should take and where.

Ephron had disclosed that Genevieve was seeking an alliance for purposes of trade and defence. It seemed she had approached Louis, but he wasn’t interested in Beeveland, just its Queen. And marriage was definitely off the table as far as she was concerned.

Eithne knew that didn’t mean there was hope for her brother. Or any man, including Halfdan who was probably unaware how she felt.

But Xander’s sister was due for a st
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