Chapter 6


I ran my knuckles down her cheek. Alexa was sleeping peacefully, purring softly in the passenger seat of the car. Her body finally succumbed from all the running and all that happened in the last twenty-four hours, that even after the car came to a full halt, she was still not moving from her sleep.

I withdrew my hand from her face the moment I realized what I was doing. I was not supposed to give in to the bond. It wouldn’t do us any good. I have a chosen mate, and I didn’t want to hurt Katarina.

Lady Katarina was the Alpha Female I was betrothed to. She’s the sister of Alpha Darvin of the Moon Stone Pack. Months ago, Darvin and I entered into an agreement for a union to take place between me and Lady Katarina. This was to ensure that both packs would survive.

My father has been consistent in holding on to the Alpha post until I produced a Luna he would approve of. And at the moment, he wanted Lady Katarina as my Chosen Luna. Alpha Darvin, on the other hand, has a different
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Angela Eid
Every time I think about Darvins wolf dying it bring tears to me.
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Poor aeon torn between love and a promise

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